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Wine Country – Tumbled

Want to create rustic and industrial styles for your next project? Consider the Wine Country-Tumbled bricks from BEST Panel Company. Our products feature light to dark colorations with a blend of reddish-brown hues. The fired clay undergoes a “rough it up” approach to achieve a textured, rugged appearance. As a result, the materials feature one-of-a-kind characteristics with spots and markings. The surfaces resemble reclaimed bricks you’d find around the small towns of Napa Valley — enjoy making any location feel like a traveler’s destination. Use our products to achieve the beautiful and durable results you want.

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For top-quality thin bricks that save you time and money, BEST Panel Company is the place to go. Check out our ready-to-ship inventory for your building projects. With quick lead times, you can start construction promptly. Plus, all our thin bricks come with a 25-year warranty for added assurance. Request a quote and receive a free sample to kick off your project.

Retail Prices:
Flats: $7.25 / SF
Corners: $14 / LF
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Why Choose Our Thin Bricks for a Project?

BEST Panel Company serves architects, developers, general contractors, property owners and property management professionals throughout the United States. As a top provider of thin bricks, we offer the following:

  • Comprehensive solutions: Our company can assemble loose bricks to a backer board, reducing the need for specialized labor. The tailored products offer convenience and allow you to save on project resources.
  • Versatile applications: We offer ways to transform indoor and outdoor applications. The red thin bricks can enhance spaces such as fireplaces, backsplashes, flooring, garden walls, pathways and siding.
  • Lightweight materials: Our thin bricks are easy to transport, handle and install. The products can help reduce muscle strain and injury at job sites.
  • Eco-friendly options: We use 80% fewer materials and energy to create products that meet green initiatives without compromising on quality. The bricks can help you lower your environmental impact in a community.

To learn more about our wine country thin bricks and other products, contact our team today. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you choose the best materials for your project.

Thin Brick

Brick Size High Length Return Thickness
Modular 2 1/4" 7 5/8" - 1/2"
Queen/Engineer 2 3/4" 7 5/8" - 1/2"

Thin Brick Corner

Brick Size High Length Return Thickness
Modular 2 1/4" 7 5/8" 3 5/8" 1/2"
Queen/Engineer 2 3/4" 7 5/8" 3 5/8" 1/2"

Edge Cap

Brick Size High Length Return Thickness
Modular 2 1/4" 7 5/8" 3 5/8" 1/2"
Queen/Engineer 2 3/4" 7 5/8" 3 5/8" 1/2"

Commercial & Residential projects

These THIN brick panels are ideal for home improvement projects as well as professional construction.