Thin Brick Veneer Panels

Our Thin Brick Panels are a factory-assembled system featuring genuine clay kiln-fired 1/2 THIN brick adhered to a 16″ x 48″ panel of three (3) different designs depending upon what you need to accomplish: High R-Values, weather resistance price point, or interior applications.

25 Year Warranty

Factory Applied-System

gray thin brick interior wall and archway leading into kitchen
gray thin brick interior wall and archway leading into kitchen

Why Choose Thin Brick Panels?

Thin brick panels from BEST Panel Company offer you numerous benefits.

Real Brick

Our systems are more than just brick paneling with some depth and texture or the cutoff facing of full-size brick. They’re genuine fired-clay bricks in a slim profile.

This construction allows for a lightweight yet durable material. We’re so confident in its quality and durability that we provide a 25-year materials warranty.

All-in-One Solution

BEST Panel Company affixes our high-quality loose brick tiles to your chosen backer board before shipping. They arrive ready for you to install without needing to hire specialized labor.

Fast Installation

Our panels boast a generous 16-by-48-inch size, meaning they each cover 5.33 square feet. You’ll go from start to finish much faster than traditional brick-by-brick installation methods. We also offer prefabricated corners that speed up installation with seamless wraparounds.

Visual Appeal

Our panels enable you to achieve a distinctive masonry aesthetic without the excess weight and labor associated with full-size brick.

Create your custom panels with our extensive selection of brick tiles. We have options to suit any style, from traditional warm reds to tumbled winter whites. Browse our project gallery for inspiration and see how our solutions can transform a space’s appeal.

Our Robust Thin Brick Sheets and Adhesive Selection

We offer three different base materials to meet varying project needs.

Loxon Metal Panel

Loxon metal panels are ideal for mounting to numerous substrates without additional footings required — perfect for interior or exterior applications. Their innovative design features elements that securely lock brick tiles, mortar and adhesive to the surface, hence the name “Loxon.” These panels are American-made and yield superior quality and performance.

loxon metal thin brick panels
permabase prefab thin brick panel system


PermaBase is the answer to inside and outside applications where prolonged moisture exposure occurs. Its construction includes cement, fiberglass mesh and aggregate to withstand excess humidity. These features make it ideal for most applications, including installation in high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms and exteriors of virtually all structures. These panels are also 100% American Made.


This panel system is a 16” x 48” concrete backer board used with THIN Brick that Is pre-applied at the factory. This product is designed for exterior and Interior usage. The product is strong, durable and perfect for just about any application.

permabase prefabricated thin brick panel system

3CI Continuous Insulated Panels

Our 3CI continuous insulated panels provide additional value by helping reduce heating and cooling costs. They offer R-values ranging from R-5 to R-30, so you can choose the level that best meets your needs.

These panels are also wind-load rated for use in Florida when properly installed with high-shear, high-tensile-strength concealer screws. 

3CI continuous insulated thin brick panel

Thin Brick Adhesive

BEST Panel Company proudly uses and offers made-in-the-USA Franklin International adhesive for our panel systems. This material is a rubber-based synthetic that’s waterproof and meets APA guideline AFG-01. Once you apply the mortar in the field, the adhesive and mortar creates a mechanical and chemical bond for security and durability by building redundancy into your wall system.

Assembly and Installation

Installation of panel brick is a straightforward construction procedure — no highly skilled labor required! Please see our installation guide.

best panel company thin brick product warranty

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BEST Panel Company is a Kentucky-headquartered American company producing market-leading thin brick panels that are constructed with real brick, just thinner. They’re an ideal custom, easy-to-install solution for achieving visual appeal while meeting unique location needs.

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