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Sierra – Tumbled

BEST Panel Company lets you create an earthy appearance with tan, thin bricks. Our real-fired clay undergoes a meticulous tumbling process to develop color and texture variation. The resulting product resembles salvaged building materials around the Sierra Nevada — a beautiful natural escape with some of the most scenic lakes and mountain ranges in the United States.

Whether you’re developing or renovating properties, you can recreate a small mountain town’s iconic look anywhere. Get the visually pleasing and durable materials you need for projects at cost-effective prices.

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When you need top-notch thin bricks without wasting time or money, BEST Panel Company is the solution. With our swift lead times, you can start construction right away. Enjoy peace of mind with our 25-year warranty on all thin bricks. Request a quote and receive a free sample to kick off your project.

Retail Prices:
Flats: $7.25 / SF
Corners: $14 / LF
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Discover the Difference With Sierra-Tumbled Bricks

We are proud to be a go-to supplier for general contractors, developers, architects, property owners and property management companies throughout the USA. Our Sierra thin bricks offer the following:

  • Quality materials: Our brick paneling features genuine fired clay. We provide durable materials with distinctive depth and texture.
  • Stylish appearance: We offer an aesthetically pleasing design with light-to-dark hues. Our brick paneling provides the characteristics of classic masonry with lightweight panels in a slim profile.
  • All-in-one solutions: You get a convenient way to prepare for any project. We attach the loose brick tiles to a backer board of your choice before shipping so the products are ready to install upon delivery.
  • Efficient installations: Our generously sized panels and prefabricated corners speed up the installation process. Additionally, the lightweight and thin bricks are easy to handle and help reduce your labor requirements.

Explore endless possibilities with our series of panelized bricks in many colors and designs. To learn more about our thin brick options, contact our team today.

Thin Brick

Brick Size High Length Return Thickness
Modular 2 1/4" 7 5/8" - 1/2"
Queen/Engineer 2 3/4" 7 5/8" - 1/2"

Thin Brick Corner

Brick Size High Length Return Thickness
Modular 2 1/4" 7 5/8" 3 5/8" 1/2"
Queen/Engineer 2 3/4" 7 5/8" 3 5/8" 1/2"

Edge Cap

Brick Size High Length Return Thickness
Modular 2 1/4" 7 5/8" 3 5/8" 1/2"
Queen/Engineer 2 3/4" 7 5/8" 3 5/8" 1/2"

Commercial & Residential projects

These THIN brick panels are ideal for home improvement projects as well as professional construction.