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Why Choose THIN Brick Panels?

Nothing beats the classic aesthetic of brick, whether interior or exterior. Traditional brick requires a great deal of time and energy to fire, transport, and install. The Best Panel Company provides a better, easier solution with our THIN brick panels. You can quickly, easily, and inexpensively achieve the brick look, without any of the brick problems.



80% Less Energy to Fire


80% Less Energy to Ship


80% Less Shale/Clay


80% Less Mortar to Install


No Steel Lintels or Brick Ledges


25 Year Material Warranty

Choose the Thinner Option

What is THIN brick?

Whether your project is residential or commercial, we have thin brick panels for you. You don’t have to spend days finishing the brick exterior or interior of your project. Our THIN brick panels finger together for easy installation, and we offer prefabricated corners for even easier field applications. These THIN brick panels are ideal for home improvement projects as well as professional construction.

No extra support or brick ledge!

They can go on nearly any surface, both interior and exterior

Highly skilled labor not required for installation

That means you save time and money




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Revolution Series – tumbled

Our Tumbled products offer the most authentic duplication of genuine brick in the industry.

Revolution Series – tumbled

Revolution Series – tumbled

Revolution Series – tumbled

Carolina Series – straight

Our Carolina Series product line offers a variety of beautiful colors.

Carolina Brick Series – straight

Carolina Brick Series – straight

Sand Dune Straight

Carolina Brick Series – straight

Commercial & Residential projects

These THIN brick panels are ideal for home improvement projects as well as professional construction.