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We are The Best Panel Company, suppliers of thin brick veneer and brick panel systems here in the US. We offer a wide variety of thin brick and brick veneer styles, as you can see on our Products page. In order to help you find the best thin brick veneer for your project, please fill out the contact form below with some brief questions about your project, or call us, and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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Thin Brick Veneer

Whether your project is residential or commercial, we have a thin brick veneer to match your needs. Thin brick veneers excel because they are faster and easier to install – making them less expensive than traditional brick.


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Our brick tile panels finger together for easy installation, and we offer prefabricated corners for even easier field applications. They are ideal for home improvement projects, as well as professional and commercial construction.

Designs for your space

We offer everything from clean, classic red to tumbled and textured for a more weathered appearance. You never have to worry about replacements because we offer a 25-year warranty on our materials.




Some Brick Style

Revolution Series – tumbled

Carolina Brick Series – straight

Revolution Series – tumbled

Sand Dune Straight

Carolina Brick Series – straight


A variety of THIN Brick and THIN Brick Panel options are available to you right now from the BEST Panel Company.

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