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 Installation of Panel Brick is a straightforward construction procedure. No highly skilled labor required to Install.

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PermaBase Concrete Panel System

We value our environment. Our unique system saves 80% of energy and materials that are used for standard brick, and installation requires 80% less mortar.

Go green by choosing our thin brick panels for your next project.

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The rigid backer board used to create Black Board Panels is a high density, nail base, asphalt impregnated fiberboard manufactured by BlueRidge Fiberboard . This blackboard product is a lighter weight and less expensive alternative to the concrete panel. Recommended for interior use only.

Quality Thin Brick Panels for Sale

What are THIN Brick Panels? So you get what THIN brick is, Now how do you install it? with PANELS!

WHY? because it will SAVE you MONEY! 
60% Labor SAVINGS over THIN Brick Traditional or Metal Panel systems

Traditionally, thin brick will be installed utilizing wire mesh and Thin set base coat and adhering and mortaring the joints after the brick has been “stuck” to the wall.  This method is very effective but in the end probably no faster than full-size brick masonry installation.

BEST PANEL SYSTEM—At BEST Panel we pre-apply the THIN Brick to 16” tall x 48” wide x 1/2” PermaBase Cement Boards.  This way you will be installing Thin Brick 5.33 SF at a time as opposed to 1 brick at time.  The panels are designed to finger together and we also have a pre-fabricated corner assembly as well.

​This panel system is a 16” x 48” concrete backer board used with Thin Brick that Is pre-applied at the factory  This product is brick-picture-about designed for exterior and Interior usage. The product is strong, durable and perfect for just about any application.

Blue Ridge Blackboard


An exterior, waterproof, synthetic rubber based adhesive that complies with APA specification AFG-01 is used to bond Thin Brick to the backer board. Field applied mortar creates a chemical and mechanical bond when Installation Is complete. Made In the USA by Franklin International.

Nothing beats the classic aesthetic of brick, whether interior or exterior. Traditional brick requires a great deal of time and energy when it comes to firing, transporting, and installing. The Best Panel Company provides a better, easier solution with our thin brick panels.

The Best Panel Company offers a wide range of thin brick panels for sale. We’re centrally located in the United States, but we ship coast-to-coast, so you can benefit from our products no matter your location. We fire and transport our own thin brick panels, which means we can guarantee the quality of your order.

Choose the Thinner Option

Whether your project is residential or commercial, we have thin brick panels for you. While other companies cut the face off full-size bricks, our bricks are kiln-fired ½’’ thick, which saves time and energy. These THIN bricks can be used on R-5 up to R-30 insulated panels, and they come in a standard panel size of 16’’ by 48’’.

You don’t have to spend days finishing the brick exterior or interior of your project. Our THIN brick panels finger together for easy installation, and we offer prefabricated corners for even easier field applications. These THIN brick panels are ideal for home improvement projects as well as professional construction. 

To view examples of our wide range of colors and styles, view our latest brochure. We offer everything from clean, classic red to tumbled and textured for a more weathered appearance. You never have to worry about replacements because we offer a 25-year warranty on our materials.

Thin Brick Panels for Sale

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