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Revolution Series
Carolina Series

Our Carolina Series product line offers a variety of beautiful colors. Our Tumbled products offer the most authentic duplication of genuine brick in the industry. We make every effort to ensure all aspects of our production process are closely monitored in order to maintain excellence in our products.
All brick colors are Modular sized Straight Edge, Textured & Simulated Tumbled

Environmentally Friendly Product:

  • Clay bodies are approximately 20% recycled material
  • Fired with natural gas – cleanest fuel available
  • Greatly reduced carbon footprint achieved with our thin products: 70% reduction in fuel requirements for firing and transporting products.

All of these colors available to be made in both sizes but may be subject to special runs if not in a stocking size. Please contact your local sales representatives for details.

Note: The website colors can be affected and or distorted slightly and your decision should be enhanced by looking at an actual sample of the brick before placing an order. Please contact us and we’ll refer you to a dealer in your area who can show you a sample.

Note: Color choices are provided from our partner

Thin Brick Color Guide