Past Projects

The Best Panel Company has provided THIN brick panels for many well known businesses: Burger King, Title Boxing Club, Earth Bound Trading Co., Wal-Mart Liquor Box, Staples and Harley Davidson. Best Panel Company has also provided brick panels for projects as large as condos, multi-story offices and apartment buildings, churches, and hotels. This is in addition to the many brick panels provided for homes and smaller businesses. No matter your intended use, there are a variety of brick panels available from The Best Panel Company that are perfect for your project.

Commercial Projects 
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Brick Panels

Because of the many uses for brick panels in both residential and commercial projects, there are a variety of panel systems  to choose from. For a lighter interior use, the Black Board is a nice choice as it is less expensive and of a lighter weight than other brick panels. Our Panel System is great for both indoor and outdoor use, and is the most versatile of the brick panels. 3CI Continuous Insulated Panels are for exterior walls. They provide the best protection from wind and rain, as well as provide the best insulation out of all of the brick panels. Brick paneling options include color choices as well as either black board, concrete board, and insulated concrete board.

Residential Projects
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The Best Panel Company & Go Green!

The Best Panel Company prides itself in being a green company – driven to promote and incorporate ideas and solutions that best serve our planet and the environment around us. Our bricks use 80% Less Shale/Clay, 80% Less Energy to Fire and 80% Less energy to transport. Our brick panels also use less steel and concrete in foundations and supports.

About Us

The Best Panel Company

Best Panel Company is an American owned and operated company specializing in Thin Brick Panel production.  Located centrally in Hardinsburg, KY. Best Panel makes Interior and Exterior rated products using real, kiln-fired 1/2″ thick thin brick.  The Panel size is 16″ tall x 48″ wide. The Panels finger together to save up to 60% labor on your installation over typical thin brick field applications.

Insulated Concrete Board
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