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Environmentally Friendly...

  • 80% Less Shale/Clay
  • 80% Less Energy to Fire
  • 80% Less Energy to Transport
  •  25-year Material  Warranty

What Our Customers Are Saying

“At Earthbound Trading Company we are always looking for innovative ideas for our new stores that can save us both money and time. And such is the case with this THIN Brick Panel product from BEST Panel Company. The installation cost for us has been reduced by about 75%, since it does not even require special skills to install.

We have quickly become a repeat customer and we won’t even consider going back to the old method of installing brick by brick.  We are using this product for every new store we open and that’s about 10 per year. It adds old brick character to the stores and we feel that we are able to provide an overall enhanced shopping experience to our customers because of BEST Panel Company.”

—Solano Roos, Vice-President of Development at EarthBound Trading Company

60% Labor SAVINGS
Real BRICK 1/5 weight of full brick
1/5 weight of full size brick
THIN Brick Panel - install 5.33 SF

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